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Re imagining the way people work



A whole new system

We designed an entirely new internal applications ecosystem. Spanning tools used by 29.000 employees worldwide. 

This was created by multiple development teams, the biggest challenges here lay in inconsistency and communications between different teams. 

The users were also not anxious to switch to a new system. So I created a change management strategy.  


Let move up!

I positioned design as a central team between the different development teams. 

By implementing a design process I managed to assist the teams in streamlining their work and processes. 

Also, assisted the different teams in creating features that best fit the need of their user and the business. 

Designing for business is very different and requires a daring approach to the traditional UX design guidelines. 

You'll be faced with problems like never before ex: How do you display 12 columns in a table where every piece of information is equally important? 



Drive the change

I created an extensive strategy on user onboarding. Validated through and for users. 

We did this through a series of workshops where determined all the touchpoints a user goes through during onboarding. 

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